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Best Hotels to stay in Wilpattu National Park

Alakamandawa - Anuradapura

Overview of Alakamandawa - Anuradapura

Hotel Alakamanda is an exquisite holiday destination in the exotic and cultural city of Anuradhapura, nestled among lush greenery, surrounded by picturesque ancient ruins.. Your private haven away from home, this hotel is a unique boutique that upholds tradition yet built to an ancient architectural design which is located a few miles away from the heart of the city of Anuradhapura.

Immerse yourself in a rich heritage of an ancient kingdom while we enfold you in quiet luxury and tranquility. Discover an engaging blend of professional service and a wide array of features at Hotel Alakamanda.

Accomadation in Alakamandawa - Anuradapura

The serene boutique hotel Alakamanda is the perfect place for you stay when on the island. The accommodation is perfectly laid out in a contemporary stylish fashion that is both refreshing and appealing. Be transposed from the traditional outlook of the hotel to modern, stylish and contemporary surroundings that will take your breath away.

Comprising of 14 luxury rooms, Alakamanda has the perfect option for any traveling party. Be it your honeymoon, family trip or simple passing-by, there is something for everyone. Each room is embellished with either a balcony overlooking the surroundings or a veranda that leads into the lush gardens.

Food and Drinks at Alakamandawa - Anuradapura

The restaurant at Hotel Alakamanda combine the best traditions of international fine dining with a Sri Lankan touch, making the meals here a memorable and a unique experience from authentic spicy local favourites to delectable continental and tropical cuisine and mouth-watering desserts, the choice is all yours…

Activities Available in Alakamandawa - Anuradapura

For those of you who love the culinary delights of Asian cuisine, this is the perfect thing for you. There are cookery demonstrations that you can request for a very nominal price. The demonstration will cover an introduction to the markets of Sri Lanka where you will be introduced to out many spices, condiments and vegetables. Then let the cook transform your senses as you watch authentic Sri Lankan food be prepared right before your eyes. Learn how to mix and match spices, how to create authentic dishes and how to custom make them too.

Wilpattu Safari Packages from Hotel Alakamandawa

No of Guests 01 02 03 04 05 06  
1 Night 1 Half day Safari 239 138 137 117 116 104 BOOK NOW
1 Night 2 Half day Safaris 367 213 195 165 164 144 BOOK NOW
2 Nights 1 full day Safari 382 226 223 191 190 172 BOOK NOW

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