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The Sanctuary at Tissawewa

Overview of The Sanctuary at Tissawewa

Anuradhapura ranks among the ancient world’s great cites. From the 9th century BC to the 10th century AD it served as Sri Lanka’s capital. Its kings built huge reservoirs and canals, palaces and monuments the ruins and remains of which now sprawl over thousands of acres. The Buddhist stupas erected in Anuradhapura 2000 years ago remain among the largest monuments on earth, at the time of their construction they were second only to the pyramids in size.

Even today the city is an active archaeological site with excavation continuing to unearth the ruins of palaces, hospitals homes and temples.

Accomadation in The Sanctuary at Tissawewa

Double Room

Elegant and simple, our double rooms create a sense of serenity and calm.

Triple Room

Unwind in tranquillity. Our triple rooms open onto the relaxing expanses of our courtyards, balconies and lawns.



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